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Christine Taxin

Modern Tools for Modern Times

Make it easier than ever for patients to schedule appointments and pay for treatment.

Simplifeye offers everything you need to extend your front desk online. That includes contact-free live chat, scheduling, telehealth, and payments. See how it can work for your practice.

24/7 Live Chat

Our Smile Specialists respond within 7 seconds to convert website chats into appointments.

Online Scheduling

Allow patients to schedule online and maintain full control over your schedule.

Invite Schedule Filler

Identify current patients with open treatment plans to fill gaps in your schedule.

Automated Payments

Run soft credit checks and create customized payment plans with 0% merchant fees.

Text-to Pay Invoices

Send invoices by text and email, which get paid up to 80% faster.

Secure Video Visits

Meet patients face-to-face virtually, as well as accept payments and consent.

Schedule a 10-Minute Overview

Just wait until you see how we can help your practice save time and increase revenue.

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