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If 300 people walked into your office, would you say “hello”?

Why is your website any different?

Amplify is the first and only 24/7 Live HIPAA Compliant Web Chat, created by a dentist. Our team of Smile Specialists are trained to qualify patients to YOUR specifications.

CONNECT is the premiere telehealth platform to meet your patients face-to-face, even if you’re miles apart.


The premier concierge service your patients deserve

Amplify Live Chat is an innovative way to get new patients for your office. Our live chat employs real people to have real conversations while maintaining the same great experience your practice provides on a daily basis.

This concierge experience serves as an extension of your office and will not add more onto your already busy plate. With up-to-the-minute analytics, you will know the exact return on investment Amplify provides.

Be available, 24/7

Engage with patients any time – nights, weekends, and even holidays.

Be accessible to all

We support multiple languages to make you available to a wider patient base.

Customized to your practice

Our Smile Specialists work from your specific survey and requirements so the can speak to what makes your practice great.

Respond quickly

Our Smile specialists average response time is LESS THAN 8 SECONDS!


Patients can book available time on your curated schedule – by themselves or via our Smile Specialist if you like.

Grow your practice

 Amplify filters the best patients. No need to assess each and every potential patient.


Meet patients, face-to-face, even miles apart

Simplifeye Connect

Connect by Simplifeye is an easy-to-use, HIPAA secure teledentistry solution that ensures existing and potential patients still receive their necessary care during these uncertain times.

Easy to use for patient and practice

Available on all devices – phone, laptop, tablet

Billable by most insurances with 140/170/171 + 995 codes*

HIPAA compliant

*Check applicable state and insurer guidelines surrounding 140/170/171 + 995 codes.


“I love that the chat is not a canned response. It’s a real person, not a computer program, and the chatters use the customized phrasing we use in the office.”

Cynthia K. Brattesani, DDS

Practice Owner

dr. Nguyen

“90% of millennials are booking online now. Simplifeye saves my team time because it reduces the amount of time they’re on the phone. They have everything they need to call back and finalize the booking details. We’ve added 10 to 15 new patients and $15,000 in revenue monthly.”

David Nguyen, DMD

Practice Owner, URBN Dental

Dr. Snow

“I tell everyone, you need to be on it. Within six months, we brought in an extra $180,000.”

Gib Snow, DDS

Practice Owner, Snow Orthodontics

Schulman Group Member

Dr. Cardona

“I was losing a lot of potential patients because people don’t want to pick up the phone. Now I can capture those patients through chat.”

Yalice M. Cardona, DMD

Practice Owner, Kreative Dental Care

Dr. Badii

“It’s definitely helped to drive new patients. It’s opened up a marketplace that we didn’t have before.”

Kevin Badii, DDS, MDS

Founder & CEO, OC Smile Dental & Orthodontics


“It’s a game-changer. I didn’t expect how many people preferred live chat. I’ve found that younger people don’t even want to pick up the phone.”

Louis Kaufman, DDS, FAGD, MBA

Practice Owner, Smile Design Studio of Hyde Park

Smile Source Administrator

Dr. Flucke

“When patients come to our website, they’re thinking ‘Let me take care of this right now.’ They want instant help. Simplifeye’s live chat provides so much more than I envisioned. It’s been amazingly effective.”

John Flucke, DDS

Practice Owner, Flucke & Associates Dentistry

Technology Editor, Dental Products Report


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