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When it’s time to gradually open your practice, both online and in-office, Simplifeye has marketing tools that you can implement quickly to engage your patients and let them know how and when to seek care. While things may be different for some time, you will need a way to fill your schedule and drive additional revenue in the short-term, as well as patient lead generation and tracking in the long-term. Check out some of the proven marketing methods we have ready for you.

Add a Website Banner

Let your patients know that teledentistry visits are now offered by the practice. The banner on your website is the first impression that many prospective patients will have of your practice, make it a good one!Sample Banner Text:“Go Live with a Teledentistry Visit! Chat with us Today!”

Email Existing Patients

Email Existing PatientsSend your existing patients an email and inform them which types of visits are great for teledentistry. See our template below. Consider what date and time you send, who the sender’s name is, and what subject line will engage your patients.

Help Us Represent You

Any changes made in the office since you signed up? Let us know! Update your practice survey as much as you’d like! Email help@simplifeye.co with any updates.

Post a Door Sign

Put a sign in your door or window to let patients know that you are using Simplifeye to keep them safe while they wait to be seen.

Update your office voicemail

Let your patients know that you offer 24/7 live chat and teledentistry for them so that they never have to feel alone – even on nights, weekends, and holidays. Check out our sample script for your voicemail message:

“Thank you for a calling {Practice Name}. We are excited to hear from you and we are very sorry that we missed your call. Your call is important to us; you can leave a message after the beep or go to our website and chat with us live. We are available 24/7 to chat with you live on our website at {your website address}. Please leave your name, number, and message after the beep and we will call you back as soon as we receive your message. {Covid protocol}. Again, thank you for calling and we look forward to talking with you.” 

Set up Chatter Alerts

Make sure to keep our chatters updated with what’s happening at your office (like promotions, new hours, and more) so that we can relay accurate information to prospective patients. Log in to https://dashboard.simplifeye.co/login and chat with us (lower right corner) and we will take care of the rest.

Post Messages to Social Media

Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that your practice can now see patients from the comfort and safety of their homes through teledentistry. To get you started, we provided a few samples of text and the illustrations that we think your patients will enjoy.


Option 1: TELEDENTISTRY NOW AVAILABLE – Visit {insert your website} and chat with us today to set up your appointment, all from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Option 2: Connect with us for a virtual appointment! Chat with us via our website, {insert your website}, and book your appointment today. No mask necessary!


Option 1: Now offering teledentistry appointments! Visit our website and chat with us today for virtual appointments from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Option 2: Book a live video appointment with us today! Safety is our main priority, so skip the waiting room and set up a live video appointment. Visit our website and chat with us to get started.