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How Automated Processes Save Money

Automation, while not a new concept in business, isn’t widely used in dental practices. At least not to its fullest extent. There are several big benefits to automation that can help dental offices become more successful—and profitable.

1. Less overhead.

Let’s face it. People are expensive. Not only their wages but the cost of training a new hire and loss of production. Of course, you can’t replace your entire staff with machines but using technology instead of hiring additional employees can save you a ton of money. By automating routine tasks, you can avoid the high cost of hiring someone new and help support current staff. Simplifeye has solutions like Amplify live chat, Scheduling, and Payments that can take on virtually all of these tasks.

2. Fewer errors.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time, especially in a busy dental office. Unfortunately, even a small error can cost thousands of dollars. That’s not even including the time spent finding and correcting the error. Automated solutions have clearly set parameters they must follow and execute every single time, leaving no room for error.

3. Better, cost-saving decisions.

With automation, you can collect valuable information quickly. Analyzing and using that data to make better decisions could save your practice a lot of dough. To make it even easier to mine data, most digital workflow systems offer monitoring features so you can identify any bottlenecks that waste time and resources.

4. Lower operational costs.

Inefficiency can also hugely affect your bottom line. When you automate workflows, you can tighten up processes and procedures (or eliminate them). It minimizes the effort that goes into a task as well as the time and cost it takes to complete it.

5. Reduce material costs.

If you’re still using a clipboard and pen sign to sign in patients, you’re missing an opportunity to reduce waste and save time with data entry. Using tablets allows patients to enter their own information and frees up staff to do more important tasks. A much bigger material waste of money is sending out bills. When you automate payments, there’s no need to waste money on stamps, paper, and printing. Payments by Simplifeye is the perfect digital solution for reducing these material costs.

Did you know…


of Americans say they go online daily.

Pew Research Center. (2019, July 25). About three-in-ten U.S. adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online.


of prospective patients do their research through search engines online.

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of consumers prefer to pay medical bills electronically.

Jordan Rosenfeld. (2019, January 2). The benefit of flexible patient payment options.

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