Increase efficiency and productivity at your practice

Flow makes your practice more efficient and productive so you can focus on providing stellar care.

Better manage your patients and staff

Bring in your data

Integrate Flow with existing data to instantly gain access to the information you need.

Work on-the-go

Equip your team with smart watches and send perfectly-timed notifications across devices.

Communicate with staff

Keep your staff in the loop through a system that prioritizes multifaceted communication.

Deliver the best service

Use Flow to make your patients happy by being there when they need you.

Be a dentist, not a manager

Notify your team

Keep your team in the loop with instant notifications that pop up on their smartphones or watches.

Always be prepared

Never miss an appointment or be caught off guard. With Flow, everyone’s prepared.

Sync Flow with your database

Sync Flow with your existing database so you have your schedule and info on hand.

"Flow has changed our ability to communicate within our office– for the better."

Dr. Christopher Shamlian

Flowing practice = Happy staff

Secure communication

Security compliance is essential. With Flow, you’re guaranteed secure communication, no matter the device.

Customized solutions built for your practice

Flow isn’t one-size-fits-all. It can be customized to fit your individual practice and the needs of your staff.

Easily access patient info you need

Instantly access patient info and pass it on to your staff, all thanks to Flow.

Keep it in the cloud

Access info from anywhere, even a smartphone. Flow is available in the cloud.

Grow your practice

Flow helps you grow your practice by making you more efficient and productive.

Integrate with existing solutions

Integrate Flow with existing solutions to improve what’s already working.

Grow your dental practice with Simplifeye