Payment Processing

Process in-office transactions, send invoices and create customizable payment plans in a HIPAA-compliant fashion, with 0% merchant fees.

Simplifeye Payments

A streamlined payment experience for practice and patients alike.

Let’s face it – Revenue Cycle Management in the industry is broken. Most practices utilize an inefficient patchwork of manual processes, software solutions, and expensive third-party vendors. Until now, there hasn’t been a single solution to effectively manage revenue, which costs the industry hundreds of millions every year. Simplifeye Payments provides this integrated solution. 

icon for automated Payment Workflow

Automated Payment Workflow

Manually accepting payments from each patient can be time consuming. Let Simplifeye do the heavy lifting.

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Customized Payment Plans

Each unique mouth comes with a unique wallet. Now, you can accommodate all needs in one place.

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Centralized Dashboard

See payments across your practice and quickly identify what’s working and what needs to improve.

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Secure Patient Portal

Paying for work can be tricky for patients. A modern solution built for patients’ ease of use is a step forward.


Automated Payment Workflow

Save your staff time and recoup more revenue with electronic invoicing, recurring payments, automatic outreach, and much more. 

  • Digital invoices for recurring payments with automated email & text reminders for busy patients
  • Securely accept payments online or directly in-office
  • PMS integrations that make searching for patients easy
Simplifeye's Payment Plan creation

Customized Payment Plans

Create flexible plans, retain more patients, and avoid the high fees of third-party lenders.

  • Immediate, soft-pull credit checks
  • Customize affordable down payments and schedule automatic monthly installments
  • Optimize for a card present transaction rate
  • Save up to 5% on every transaction and pad your bottom line.
Payments Dashboard

One Central, Easy-to-Use Dashboard

View payments across your practice to quickly identify what’s working – and what needs to improve.

  • Live view of practice cash flow in real-time
  • Secure user accounts with permissions to keep finances private
  • Triage accounts receivable to strengthen collections
  • Communicate with patients via text and email directly from the platform
  • Enterprise ready, up to one million different users
Patient Portal

Secure Online Patient Portal

 A simple, easy-to-use portal that works on any device ensures your patients can pay and manage their payments anytime, anywhere.

Patients can:

  • Pay with ease 24/7 on any device
  • Track and manage all of their payment information
  • View all plans and transactions
  • Pay down or pay off their plans in full at any time

See How It Works

Discover the benefits of using Simplifeye Payments from chairside checkout to automated text-to-pay reminders that get paid up to 80% faster than paper invoices. In this short video, Dr. Ryan Hungate shows how you can increase case acceptance by making it easier than ever for patients to pay.

 Are you paying more than 0% in merchant fees? 

Wave goodbye to expensive merchant processing fees on credit card transactions at your practice. With SimplyZero, you’ll have the tools to effortlessly pass merchant fees in a legal and compliant manner. How does a 0% processing rate sound?

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