Speed up exams & impress patients with the power of voice

DEXvoice harnesses the power of voice, allowing you to keep your gloves on and increase efficiency in the exam room.

Move fast with innovative tech

Use the power of your voice

No need to turn to your keyboard. With DEXvoice, you can leverage the power of your own voice to increase efficiency.

Sync DEXvoice with your system

DEXvoice syncs seamlessly with DEXIS, making it easy to implement at your practice.

Access what you need

Instantly pull up patient records, x-rays, charts, and other information– all with your voice.

Impress your patients

Wow with innovative tech

Instantly wow your patients and prove you’re innovative with the power of your voice.

Use Amazon Alexa

Leverage the power of Amazon Alexa to integrate DEXvoice with existing, powerful technology.

Deliver the best service

No need to take off your gloves. Deliver the best service by instantly bringing up records.

"We're thrilled to give dentists the power to use their voices with this innovative product. It’s a true revolution for dental practices."

Dr. Ryan Hungate, Co-founder of Simplifeye

Powerful voice technology at your practice

Keep the gloves on

DEXvoice improves efficiency, allowing you to keep your gloves on during an exam.

A foundation of innovation

DEXvoice is a revolution for dentists. Build your practice on a foundation of innovation.

Easily access patient info you need

Instantly access patient info and bring it up with your voice, impressing whoever’s in the chair.

Harness the power of DEXvoice