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Simplifeye offers everything you need to extend your front desk online. That includes contact-free live chat, scheduling, telehealth, and payments. See how it can work for your practice.

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Amplify 24/7 Live Chat

Provide the support your patients need.

Amplify Live Chat is an innovative way to get new patients for your office. Our live chat employs real people to have real conversations while maintaining the same great experience your practice provides on a daily basis.

This concierge experience serves as an extension of your office and will not add more onto your already busy plate. With up-to-the-minute analytics, you will know the exact return on investment Amplify provides.

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Offer a response time in less than 8 seconds, in over 27 languages.


Tailor it to your office’s preferences and integrate with your PMS.


Fill your schedule as you return to the office and qualify patients based on their needs.


Process in-office transactions, send invoices and create customizable payment plans in a HIPAA-compliant fashion, with 0% merchant fees.

Simplifeye Payments Suite of Products

Process in-office transactions, send invoices and create customizable payment plans in a HIPAA-compliant fashion with 0% merchant fees.

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Automated Payment Workflow

Manually accepting payments from each patient can be time consuming. Let Simplifeye do the heavy lifting.

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Customized Payment Plans

Each unique mouth comes with a unique wallet. Now, you can accommodate all needs in one place.

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Centralized Dashboard

See payments across your practice and quickly identify what’s working and what needs to improve.

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Secure Patient Portal

Paying for work can be tricky for patients. A modern solution built for patients’ ease of use is a step forward.


Never leave a potential patient unattended on your website again.

With Scheduling by Simplifeye, your patients can easily book available time on your schedule, from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or laptop – 24 hours a day. Appointments are automatically updated in your practice management software, as well as your Amplify Dashboard.

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Available 24/7, on any device

Fully integrated with Open Dental, Dentrix, and Eaglesoft

No special software or practice training needed

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Easily customize practice, provider and operatory schedules

Connect Teledental Platform

A turnkey HIPAA compliant telehealth solution. 

Connect by Simplifeye is an easy-to-use, HIPAA secure teledentistry solution that ensures existing and potential patients still receive their necessary care during these uncertain times.


Set your own office hours and allow patients to schedule by themselves or with the help of a Simplifeye Smile Specialist. The doctor will be prompted when it is time for the visit.

Billable by most insurance


Collect consent, insurance and payment information up front – and bill seamlessly later, with 0% merchant fees. 


Take case notes effortlessly in-screen for charting during your HIPAA-compliant telehealth conference.