Our Story

Through the years, despite practices investing heavily in hardware, the industry continues to rely on software built in the late 1980s.

Dr. Hungate and the Simplifeye team are focused on providing cutting-edge software technology and world-class service to practices across the retail healthcare landscape in hopes that the same great experience and care is passed on to patients.

Simplifeye was founded by Dr. Ryan Hungate, DDS, MS, who graduated from the orthodontic specialty program at the University of Southern California. Prior to dental school, Dr. Hungate worked for Apple Inc. and helped design the customer workflow currently adopted by Apple’s retail stores globally. Dr. Hungate continues to practice orthodontics each month, volunteering to help children in need of orthognathic surgery, cleft palate treatment, and basic orthodontic care.

Company Values

One Team

We are dedicated to each other. We continue to grow through collaboration and inclusivity amongst all team members. We achieve goals through open communication and an extended approachability. Bring your ideas and values. Most importantly, be yourself – that’s who we hired.

Grow with our Customers

We commit ourselves to listening to, learning from, and relating with our customers to enhance our products and company. Our improvement happens because of customer feedback. Our growth happens because we act on that feedback.

Tireless Work Ethic

We approach our mission with an insatiable hunger for success. By competing and remaining productive, team members embody a collective work ethic that values accountability. We truly believe in celebrating wins and standing up taller from defeats.

A Clear Mission

We are the future of retail healthcare, providing solutions that reduce the friction between practice and patient for the best experience possible. We blaze a new, better path in an industry that sorely needs it.

“Simplifeye has been a game changer for URBN Dental. Having a live person 24 hours out of the day for our patients to talk to really helped us grow our practices and take us to the next level!”

Dr. David Nguyen DMD, MS, URBN Dental

Dr. Shamlian

“Amplify does exactly what it defines. It turns up the ‘volume’ on my practice by giving my website a live agent to increase my presence. As an emergency dentist the advertises 24 Hour Dentistry, engaging the potential patient is absolutely critical and thanks to Amplify, I’ve seen my patient ‘volume’ increasing.”

Dr. Christopher Shamlian DDS, Shamlian Family Dental

“One of the hardest things in dentistry and medicine is focusing on quality while being concerned about getting more patients in the door and through your practice. Patients come back because they trust their doctor will do the right thing and always look out for their best interests. Simplifeye helps doctors focus on delivering the best possible care.”

Dr. Marc Stojkovich DMD, Ethos Dental Group

“Amplify works! Patients are busy and when they see a chat on your website, they are pulled in. The Smile Specialists know exactly what to say. Amazing!”

Dr. Cynthia K. Brattesani DDS

We believe in great experiences for doctors and their patients.

Not only do doctors have to provide high quality healthcare to their patients – they also need to run efficient businesses.

doctor sharing technology with office staff

Empowering doctors with modern solutions

Simplifeye empowers doctors by automating the business side of their practice. We do this by providing software solutions that digitize and improve existing processes that are core to many medical practices.

Simply put, Simplifeye allows medical professionals to focus their efforts on providing high quality health care, resulting in great experiences for patients.

“TOP 10 Game Changers, 2019”

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2020 Best of Class Technology Award


Simplifeye in the News

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Simplifeye Launches Simplifeye Connect to Unlock Teledentistry for Practices Nationwide

Solving modern problems for the practice. Today’s dental practices tackle new issues, such as COVID-19, technology, and more.

Amplify wins again!

Amplify 24/7 Live Chat wins 2020 Best of Class, Technology from Dental Product Reports’ Cellerant Consulting

“Amplify filters the best patients. No need to assess each and every potential patient. Track your success and stay informed by using a built-in dashboard to analyze your current traffic and conversion metrics. Simplifeye doesn’t just say that they save the front desk time, they prove it.”

COVID-19 Crisis update from Simplifeye on their Teledentistry Platform

Teledentistry Can Help You Keep Patients Now and for the Future

Teledentistry Solutions for COVID-19 Problems with Dr. Ryan Hungate

5 digital strategies dentists need to strengthen their practice

Imagine if your dental practice had a live patient chat and scheduling system with 24/7 support.

Connect builds on Simplifeye’s Amplify live chat platform to create a seamless, billable telehealth platform.

New ways to utilize Teledentistry to build patient bases while away from the office, and prepare for the tidal wave of demand for when they open their doors again.

Sonya & Melissa’s Mobile Dentistry Tour 2020: How to Grow Your Post-Covid Practice With Mobile & Teledentistry

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Named to “50 Startups to Watch in 2019”

“Simplifeye gives health care providers the tools they need to operate like a real business, including automation tools, patient communication platforms, and integrated referral procedures.


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