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We’re looking for the best and brightest to join the Simplifeye team. We empower you to go for your dreams, get stuff done, and help build products that reshape healthcare technology.

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Company Values

One Team

We are dedicated to each other. We continue to grow through collaboration and inclusivity amongst all team members. We achieve goals through open communication and an extended approachability. Bring your ideas and values. Most importantly, be yourself – that’s who we hired.

Grow with our Customers

We commit ourselves to listening to, learning from, and relating with our customers to enhance our products and company. Our improvement happens because of customer feedback. Our growth happens because we act on that feedback.

Tireless Work Ethic

We approach our mission with an insatiable hunger for success. By competing and remaining productive, team members embody a collective work ethic that values accountability. We truly believe in celebrating wins and standing up taller from defeats.

A Clear Mission

We are the future of retail healthcare, providing solutions that reduce the friction between practice and patient for the best experience possible. We blaze a new, better path in an industry that sorely needs it.

Benefits and perks at a great place to work

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Robust health coverage including full medical, dental, vision

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Access to OneMedical’s on-demand services

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Unlimited vacation policy

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Team offsites and trips to fun destinations

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Retirement planning via 401(k)

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Discounted gym memberships with NYC-based health partners

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Tax-free commuter benefits

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Nutritious meal perks

We’re Hiring

Turn your practice into a flourishing business

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