A better way to bring in patients

Amplify captures prospective patients, automatically helping you grow your dental practice.

Meet patients where they are

Connect via live chat, 24/7

Patients can connect with your 24/7 practice direct from your website, thanks to our team of Smile Specialists.

Capture what you need

Capture exactly what you need from patients to ensure you deliver a stellar experience

Customize the experience

Customize the experience to ensure your patients have the perfect impression of your practice.

Deliver the best service

Your practice runs on your service. Be there for your patients – right when they need you.

Be a dentist, not a marketer

Get referrals in your inbox

With Amplify, new patients will come directly to you, landing right in your inbox.

Follow up with interested patients

Easily follow up with interested patients– all from a simple dashboard.

"Amplify works! Patients are busy and when they see a chat on your website, they are pulled in. The Smile Specialists know exactly what to say. Amazing!"

Dr. Cynthia K. Bratessani

Amplified practice = Happy patients

 Secure communication

Security compliance is essential. With Amplify, you’re guaranteed secure communication.

Customized solutions built for your practice

Amplify isn’t one-size-fits-all. It can be customized to fit your individual practice and its needs.

Easily access patient info you need

Instantly access new patient info, all thanks to Amplify.

Keep it in the cloud

Access info from anywhere. Amplify is available in the cloud.

Grow your practice with filtered patients

Amplify filters the best patients. No need to assess each and every potential patient.

Integrate with existing solutions

Integrate Amplify with existing solutions to improve what’s already working.

Turn your dental practice into a flourishing business